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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vinca Rosa, where last we met....

....greetings, again! If you have travelled from my last blog, "A Moment of Your Time"...WELCOME!!! I am glad you thought to spend a few moments with my thoughts - and me, however much "in absentia." This being a "voice in space" stuff is a bit overwhelming! Smile.


Those not familiar with "Vinca Rosa" might wish to know that it is a plant from which various chemotherapy drugs are made. Its more widely known derivative plant name is the "Madagascar Periwinkle", and truly, it is a miracle gift in Nature. Note the following:

"Several vinca alkaloids are commercially utilized to treat certain cancers. Vinblastine, for example, is an alkaloid isolated from Vinca Rosa. Vinblastine sulfate is utilized clinically to treat Hodgkin's disease, lymphocytic lymphoma, histiocytic lymphoma,and breast cancer. Vincritine is another antitumor alkaloid isolated from Vinca rosa. Vindesine is a sythetic derivative of vinblastine. These and other vinca alkaloids are known to have a variety of antneoplastic activities."

.....reference "Patent Storm" article, re: U.S. Patent 5767110.

Although once again having to part with a loved one affected by cancer, I am hopeful that sharing information on Vinca Rosa will make its availability, worldwide, a thing of beauty and healing.

Hope you will enjoy some of my poetry and prose, in the weeks and months to come. I thought perhaps I would begin, anew, with this shared "thinking introduction." Enjoy!