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Friday, July 24, 2020

Messenjah 02 Shagnatty Dread

Be a Global Parent with Unicef

PEACE. I would have peace for my Friends.
I would have Peace for their dark-eyed babies, their blue-eyed babies, their hazel-eyed babies,
dreaming softly of a star-filled sky, far away from the wretched ground, beckoning;
The reeking puddles; the squalor; the shrieking.
I would have peace for the pang of hunger; the stab of thirst; the anguished heart, languishing and bereft, believing itself Forgotten.
I would have Peace for the Angry woman hearts, whose Mother love knows no boundaries, no borders, no languages: only cries and whimpers, seen, heard and unfound.
The quiet Father love prayers, that strengthen other Men, restrain anger and violence, renew fierce Friendship, and make a way where there seemed none amidst such seeming Power in the world, to make it so.
They are Global Parent tears; Global Parent Hearts: they speak all languages, love all names for God, clasp each other's hands in shared Grief, and remembered Joy.
I would have Peace for these Women, even now; I would have Peace for their injured, aching, saddened, strong-but-tired Men, their Lost or Living Lovers, their stolen Babies.
I would have Peace for my own. I would have Peace for them all.
Peace, after all...just a step away from Love.