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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Art of Love

Whereupon these two old loves, clinging, held each other's arms.
In the Tuscany sun, their eyes reflected many years;
All the fresh baked bread, juice of autumn's plums, and grapes, sweet
Running with the life and blood of earth and Love ruminating in their gaze, connected,
fighting against the block of breath that smashed, demon-like, the shared breath,
The wild and winsome laughter, the Star-filled sky of kisses, viewed
At Day's end, the will and work of life, fulfilled.
Each sought the source-of-word; brushed softly against the lips of utterance;
Pressed and sought the sudden surge of Other Half, Realized;
Exquisite Completion:
Fiercely Lived.

Carbon Dated

If all the undulations of life could shadow lovers
Then the crags of the mountains, the furrowing clouds in the sky, the bursting struggle of petal
Would be our sighs, realized.

The desert winds - our anger at a momentary ill, passed;
The torrent waters of an Indian Ocean storm, our momentary malcontent, fused and swirling;
The trident Tigress, flowing, all panacea and murmur, ebbing into and around a dusted Being.
Rising skyward, we would remember our Falling, weeping, but Understood.
The God Love, Remembered, in our Reverence to Construction, Reaching,
Our Reverence, Preserved within its Angled Sights: Pharoah, humbled to dust by Death.

Only, there is Now, My Love.
Now, when the intricacy of Art that is Body yearns for its Sought, we Blend;
And, as the water ebbs, we Move, Found, in an exquisite, shared Breath,
Joy, Found; ache, soothed; surge, vent and bloom and spark shot Joy
Realized in an
Endless sky of

Breathed Into

The rhythm of this moment is your heart, beating.
Your breath against my face gives testament to life, and it is enough for me.
Expelled, it will suffice as a testament to all my strivings, all my warnings, all my yearnings, all my moans
In the dark, of stop and go, back and obey, heed and understand. Your breath is enough.

If, after death, I turn my face, to see an argument, a spark, a smile, an annoyance
I can face this. Only, breathe.

Then all the imagined steps I have danced, seconds I have whispered "life, my Love", into
The night
Have swirled amongst the Universe, and found
The Desire of Ages.