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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Self Portrait by Dawn M. Nevills

If I am but a canvas, upon which life ekes out its etchings,
Then I should like the map, like the lines,
To show that love has played itself out upon my Face;
That each event - whether in Sorrow or Joy - has left its mark,
Its Moment, and its Meaning;
I should like a bit of the wild colours in God's sky to
Show themselves, in Morning and Evening,
When yawning sunlight's watering tendril fingers,
And evening glows' sleepy embers suggest
Brief Times, during which my eyes have beheld them;
And I should like a Man, when he sees these maps of life
on my face, and on my body, not to see decay,
But the gentle passage of Time, and, in the changes
which mark each passing year,
A different kind of