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Friday, April 19, 2013

Part 20 - Georgia's slipper.

Darcy stood like a sentinel, gripping his hands together, and turned towards the newly bejeweled woman he dreamed of while waking, with a pained expression, moving his face away from the plume now rising so close to the billboard, swallowing quietly.

Georgia had stepped quickly from the cab - too quickly, rushing to peer upwards at the sky, now suddenly filled with the winding trail of madness - and her shoe caught in the sidewalk, as her foot pulled free. She stepped on to the cold cement - a quick three running steps - lurching towards Darcy, the elegance of their romance shattered by the limp, and the precipitative shock of explosion. She turned backwards, pulling her coat towards her, winding it around her, suddenly, like a shroud, as a passerby stooped to pick up her shoe. Glancing at her stockinged foot, he strode gallantly forward, an unlikely Prince in the midst of carnage, and bent to slip the shoe onto her foot.

She glanced at his face, grateful for the unexpected old-fashioned gesture, and he nodded slightly, the shrouded eyes gleaming almost black in the pallor of his face. There was a slight flush high on his cheeks; a stark contrast to the wash of skin around his penetrating gaze.
He touched his right index finger to his lips, oddly, and then to his hat, bending slightly. A small, absent smile played about his mouth for a moment, as he peered up at the billboard. Then he strode quickly away.

A chill ran up Georgia's leg.

Rainy Day Soul xo...and a little Etta James moment