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Monday, January 21, 2013

This Moment

I have stood here before.
I have stood in these shoes, and in these eyes I have seen myself - many selves with the same glint of
Tomorrow, fierce and fervent;
Many breaths, drawn in respect and awe for many breaths to come, pausing and caring; breaths not rushed, nor tarrying in their steady, rhythmic, comfort.
I have drawn deep, from the well of Self, the Longing of the Heart of Men and Women, to be More,
Even in the midst, and deep within the depths of Trying BEYOND the Moment.....
And, wondrous and True, I have felt it beating, that Heart, as my own.
Too true is the day when first I looked upon other moments such as these, and said,
"There will I stand, in solemn Joy, and Believe, too, beyond myself, to Help, and Helper, and Helped;
There will I strive to overcome my own sense of unable, though I am able, still, beyond Imaginings
Of Another me, and Another Time.
This place could be any place, and I, a mouth like any other,
Speaking the Quiet Joy
Of a Free Man."
And in the place - this Quiet Place, where others different than I, first spoke of Dreams of our Better Selves,
I, too, will Believe Again, for Today,
Though just a Time,
Is My Time, and I shall
make of it
A greater Me,
....for a greater You.

Dawn M. Nevills