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Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Stuff of Dreams

Peace. I would have peace for my Friends.

I would have Peace for their darkeyed babies - their sky-eyed babies, too, dreaming softly of a star-filled sky far away from the wretched ground, the reeking puddles, the squalor, the shrieking.

I would have peace for the pang of hunger, the stab of thirst, the anguished hearts languishing and bereft, believing themselves Forgotten.

I would have peace for the Angry women hearts, whose mother-love knows no bounds, no borders, no language -  save eyes and whimpers, seen and heard.
They are Global Parents; global Parent hearts, speaking all languages, loving all names for God, clasping each others' hands in shared grief.

I would have Peace for these Women; Peace for their injured Men, their Lost Lovers, their Anguished, Passionate Longing other Halves, and their stolen Babies;
I would have Peace for my own.
I would have Peace for them all.

Peace....the step before Love.

by Dawn M. Nevills
             originally written Dec. 9, 2020 in response to an outbreak of cholera in refugee camps.