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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Of Cheese and Wine and Love

Oh, if this dirt could blow a carbon image of dream's imagining,
Then I might curve around, star-like
A universe contained in the eyes
Undiscovered, known.

Woulds't thou see, in elements undetermined, form, and fan, and fly,
Amidst the shifting winds of Time?
These shells.....these shells we inhabit - these gifts of function -
Permit us to share Each Other.
In the doing, when our minds are allowed - oh, such Brevity, Darling Mine! -
Circumference completion.

There is no other explanation.
 In the circle's half, hands hold face, embrace,
Find, Speak, Caress, Weep, Speak Again, Moan Lost Years,
Mature, Regress, Scream Moments Gone,
Embrace the Griefs of Other,
Comfort, Wish Pain Gone....and

As years pass, the vessels are imperfect, but
We see, as years ago, the beauty and fire that
Ignited the
Joining of spirit and Ardour
In a world of
Only Briefly,
and it is