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Monday, May 4, 2015

Annie Lennox - Why

Annie Lennox - Don't Let It Bring U Down

Annie Lennox Clears Up Beyonce 'Feminist Lite' Slam

Prayer for the day: "The Guts to be Me"

Lord, today and every day, please make sure I retain my sense of personal guts and integrity, despite everything and anything around me that might want me to think neither are of any worth, are out of fashion, or for even a moment give a false impression that everything that has been good in my life is not because your grace has managed to help, no matter what.

Amidst the insanity, lack of sensibility, lost direction, and feeling of flapping sails - Someone still needs them - and someone still will value those qualities in me - perhaps someone I might not even know exists, but who sees my determination, and is bolstered by it. Let them know, once and for all, that this comes from You, my family, and those in my life who, like me, were not ashamed of that example, or to speak of it, when it was unfashionable, or in an environment which made me, in one instance THE ONLY UNASHAMED CHRISTIAN IN THE ROOM.

Every day, gentle miracles of "still trying", "encourage", and "against all odds" will keep happening; those little miraculous everyday things that occur, from day to day, hardly within our notice, but which, together, make amazing things keep happening.

Let no example of arrogance let me forget for a moment, the courage you have given me, in dark and trying moments only you and I have known, together. ...those moments will be visible in my eyes, along with the strength from which I drew to overcome them.