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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Paint and Petals

Today is a new day.
When the bird song reminds me of the hour, I will think it, again;
Think of new thoughts; dream of new dreams;
Speak and sing a world away, but present, and bring our secret moment world closer to the heart that dreamed it,

I shall build in mind a thousand, thousand petalled lights, so that they shine with such a gleam
Your eyes will catch their glimmer, and glow, warmed, and earnest.

My fierce garden of new lights, gleaming, will grow, and grow, and your gaze will
Make a thousand flowers, newly nestled, strive to bloom,
Seeing in them, my wave, and my wander,
Scattering errant beauty like some wild and wooly
Monet of Emily Carr, on fire,