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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smiley smile

The purse ed lips, (too soon to tell)
You say are capable of spell
I say, they're just a way to say of that, that love is true, and spell is naught:
Too true, in fact.

What wonders, then? In speaking of these things to me
You often place a hand on knee....tried once, too true, again;
Back then praps I should have put a spell on you.
...I'd start with A's, of course - a solid bit of cheek -
To celebrate your whit and weak...and then? A "B:"
The sound, (so like one dear to me)...not you; excelling as you do at rest
I'd sooner spell a Bee to death; but no!

Just the whirring recitation, rhymed with recitative nation
Meant a rhyming lot, well pressed.
At least most of them didn't guess.
Sweet letter! Oh, sweet life!
No a weary wife, expunged.