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Monday, April 13, 2015

National Volunteer Week - April 12-16

Has life changed, in some better way for you, because of a volunteer?

Instant Letter #1! Today's convenient way to "write and keep in touch". Just check off the blocks!

Dear ___________________,

How are (  )you?  (  )your dog and other pets?  (  )your latest ailments? (  )your stocks doing?
(   )the forecasts for weather in this year's almanac?(  )other family members you still talk to?

Conversationally speaking, how do you define a friendship like ours?  (  )sheer poetry
 (  )awful (  )unlawful (  )inspirational (  )perspirational (  )frightening for other people with bad intentions (  )fateful   (  )classically romantic, including celibacy (  )for the pigeons

We're drawn together by a bond of:
(  )sensitivity  (  ) shared allergies (  )triviality (  ) odd hobbies (  ) gluttony (  )cheapness
(  )desperation  (  )stupidity  (  )accident.....we met after slamming our heads together while picking up documents after our personal collision - grateful that it involved no actual vehicles.

We'll be friends as long as there are:
(  )dreamers  (  )clouds in the sky (  )flies in the soup (not any we'd ever eat)
 (  )kangaroos in the oceans (  ) scratch that last one

When people describe our friendship they will always say:
(  ) uh oh  (  )they're both still ALIVE? (  )do you owe either of them money? (  )they like you....right?(  )yechhhhhh! (  ) EEEWWWWWW (  )it's a mystery    (  )no one's really sure if they're aliens or one is just covering for the other  (  ) aw....bear hug. xo

We are unique in the annals of:

(  )human history (  ) Jonah's whale....sorry; that was a typo, and never actually happened. Cough.
(  )useless junk known as "shabby chic" (  )unexplained phenomena  (  )swill

And from this latest experience in either of our lives, which we have yet to discuss at length, we have both learned the value of:

(  )trust  (  )confusion (  ) did high five with a brick again, dolt (  )recycled garbage...mostly yours there, buddy (  ) alcohol - exterior and interior. (  )suppressed laughter
(  )personal hygiene (  )REM sleep cycles

As always,