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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Smile Maker...(thanks to a Perry parry.....laughter.)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Morning Shower

Oh, what quiet joy this is, to be refreshed by the rain, as the sun peeks awake! It clings to me, and I stretch, refreshed, late summer's bloom, sighing. For just a blink, I dream of being that twinkle-eyed little girl, splashing joyously naked Through the sprinklers thrown with gentle abandon by God. Eyes closed, the smile - and the twinkle - are Renewed, and all the plants wave in the mist of a New Day.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


A thousand rocky shores have housed each fleck and shell and grain of sand Which might have seen your face. Now they are gone, like fleeting brushes with the corporeal instant we have in this life, When carbon to carbon, we meet substance, stopping to Warm ourselves against, within, upon, beneath, amidst and around, Seeking. Sinking and flying, we are surrounded by each, ultimately ebbing and flowing back To each other's All, and once, when the sigh signalled that we were conscious of the other, It was enough to Know.

Monday, August 19, 2013

At Last! (A tribute to Etta James).

The Play - the thing.

In shadowed night and misted moment, a face can draw so near That I can almost see the eyes upon me, and then is when I hear A voice, incredulous and low Marvel, "Love, you've made it so". Amidst the green and gloom, one star I see, and when it shines so quietly, Its meaning - upon a band, and in my heart - As I shepherd in my way - with Bo Peep smile, and staff of Cross - Is never "Part", but whole - and meaning, shrouded thus, Suddenly is clear. Who is a man, but all he wants to be? In all the lives he lives, alway, he finds himself, And puts away a small reminder, like a jar upon a shelf, Within his mind, for living. Fully realized, the words and steps he takes, though ordered true, Are always his, at last, Directing "I", and "eyes" and "thou", and "do", Whereupon the dance of spirits, seeming random, Find the place, in shadow and in sunlight Of a storied stage, making pieces of their lives Fit neatly into themselves. What tales, they find, these solemn sprites, to linger, yet awhile, In lives of working soul-a-days! Are they trite or sorrow-filled, as when a loss in smaller lives Are lived again, in larger ways, with understanding fresh And shared, like warm, huge, pretzels on a windy day, while waiting at a stop? None say "yes" - just know, at once, the pang of still-felt sorrow, Joy, or shock, or moan - The meaning sharp and clear, and to the bone.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Recovered Spiral

I want the slow path of your eyes To trace the wear of time and brutality on my body, anxiously, Followed by your lips. I want you to speak my unspoken Sorrow, quietly Against my mouth, pressing Softly and urgently, imprinting shared impact and effect, Whispering. I want the soft tip of questioning to salve the sleeplessness beneath my waking gaze, And melt the years into Unnecessary perfection, loving the developed shell, and the Cognizant sigh. I want my Risen Phoenix, speaking Of marvels and moments, head resting gently on my thigh, to sleep and moan, and sleep and moan, Rejecting the steady slumber of Death, for Euphoric Love's tortuous theft of Precious stolen Time, glad of Fitful nodding, and mocking the glass pigeon like a defiant Falcon, covering his Beloved.


When shaded gaze meets quiet fire there is a strange water; Moving, rippling, slowing working its lap ebb upon rock, The etch and mold of neverceasing blends the elements, both without and within, Transmuting and transcending both selves, and Mixing the mutation and meld into Syncopation. I cannot tell which is stronger, or more feminine, or more masculine; I can only see them clinging to each other, Sighing as they dissipate... Finally, sought, seeking, and Found, they exchange composites and composure. Oh, the water murmur! 'Midst the silences, ragged whisper and trickle Seek time, time....only time! And all the mouthed words, lost in the softness of Now Seem Enough, and Enough, and Please, amidst the wild and trailing fronds and fragile petals of Ardent humility, opening, at last, and Alive. Within the Bridge Across Forever they form, entwined, A particle, reaching and moving beyond the permeating ache of Sky, Realized. Against the other's lips, they simply join and join and join Endlessly, attempting Speech, knowing there is only the same word: Love.