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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Elf Adventures by Dawn M. Nevills

The woman walked her dog slowly past the twinkling garden lights in the fading light. The dog looked up at her, quizzically: it was a very intelligent canine, and quirked his ears at her, as she whispered "psst", and then shot him a glance, at which he sat down, immediately, waiting.

"The elves are home", she said, quietly to him. He quirked his head to one side, his ears twitching.

"They're making Christmas gifts already!", she said, explaining, and then sighed. "Always so organized....and me just trying to be in time for Hallowe'en in ten days!" She smiled at the little dog, patting him on the head.

"And what do you think about that, Max, my funny little guard dog?"

The dog jumped up, prancing in front of her, affectionately licking her hand. Then he dragged her, pulling at the leash, towards the lit side of the kitchen, where he knew she had already placed his kibble, as a reward for a smart poop and a little jog in the yard. Elfwise....and towards dinner, where the twinkling lights inside  looked mysteriously just a little like the little elf ones scattered about the yard, like street lights for mini dwellings in a forest.....they blinked just a little brighter, as she laughed softly in the twinkling stars, which, looking up, someone might have noticed, almost seemed to answer......!