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Friday, June 3, 2016

Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow on Keeping a Straight Face

John Lennon - Beautiful Boy

John Lennon - Woman

Paul McCartney - My Love

Wings/Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed (HQ)

Paul McCartney's 'My Valentine' Featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp

(Ryuichi Sakamoto) Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - Sungha Jung

Kaori Muraji - 村治佳織 - Merry Christmas,Mr Lawrence

Forbidden Colours / Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Robin Williams on Letterman Post Surgery 2000

Santana - The Healer - 11/26/1989 - Watsonville High School Football Fie...


John Lee Hooker - "The Healer"

Circles and Halves

I wonder why Picasso called it
"Girl in a Mirror".

did he miss his breasts, or just wonder why they were missing?

did he just want to understand why no one would probably have bothered
to look at the painting if he'd called it

Self portrait of the surgically removed? having

denuded himself of his

feminine side, he needed to

pencil in all of the

internal organs

After all, it completed the

Hymn to the