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Monday, November 5, 2012

Thou has touched the Shaking

Heart, thou hast felt the touch of my hand in the murk of mind's meandering,
Deep in night ink, when all was still, and even birds dare not mock feelings extreme;
Nay, dare they not, when fire within the mind's eye dared Death to further Dreaming in my cause;
And Life joined the melee, singing a Stranger Sprightly Song of Shaking, wondering at the crew
Assembled there.
Yay! In keeping thee thus, have I called upon any, and all,
Wherein, my Soul,
Bereft as it Was, Before thy Browed and Beaten Visage,
(only thus, from care, though woe has etched its verisimilitude, seeking equal)
appeared Quieted, and downcast.
See! The whirling fire within Thee, matched,
As when Solomon, gazing softly, did wonder at Earth
Filled with Spirit and Grace, and Flame,
Known only, in that silent Moment,
As Defiance, and Essence, and Now.

Posthumously Rejected

Come morning, sweet and late;
Come as gentle fingers in the quavering, watery light,
Nursing ruinous paths etched by agony's Tears, across cheek caves
Deep in the rock recesses of Death Victorious;
Oh! Cover with skin and bone, fierce and fire, the very breath that, ragged as a dying man,
Even now breathes victorious,
Having won its lifes's retreat,