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Sunday, November 4, 2012

STORM CLEANUP to cheer you along...xo

GREETINGS everyone!

For those affected by Hurrican Sandy, thoughts and prayers come your way, in hopes that life returns to normal for you very soon....I have gone home from work every night this week worried about all the people affected by the conditions created by this terrible storm, and hope that the warmth, generators humming, and some truly wonderful staff help to make this temporary state of being a little more comfortable, for those of you we were able to help accomodate, or assist in procuring shelter, access, or travel information which made life better, somehow.

This is a busy weekend for me, too, as I attempt to clean up from the storm here; the winds took out two huge branches on my beloved willow, and made one heck of a mess of the yard, so I am out in the cold and wet, like many, rushing to get things tidy and "floodless" before the cold weather sets in. There were snowflakes in the early hours of post midnight, and "frost on the pumpkin", so I don't think I have a lot of time in my area, until the first real snow flies!!!

After working all day on it, today, I put a pretty major dent in the task. Smile. My hot cup of tea never tasted quite so good! It's amazing how little things like that keep you determined to accomplish what you set out to do, isn't it?....

I hope you have shelter, warmth, food, and love near you, and if you are not where you want to be, or things are not happening quite as quickly as you had hoped, remember there are many hearts - and hands - doing their best at helping and hoping that life will return to normal soon....

Meanwhile, my prayers go out to the Obama team in the USA, to "keep on keepin' on", with this, and other huge challenges they have faced, with the stoic hope and fierce determination of a people who will not go back to "things as usual", and who will not forget the man who rescued an industry - despite the greed he had to face, in doing so.....among other achievements which his opponents - while padding their pockets in case the "boost" did not take fruit - want you to forget very quickly! Don't be fooled!

Here is some "music for cleanup". Hope you enjoy this little autumn surprise! Take heart...

GOD BLESS and TAKE CARE....more "written thoughts" shortly!

Keep the Caring in your heart.....

                                                        Dawn M. Nevills

Some songs for you - Click, wait for song to download, listen, and enjoy! (and feel free to sing along!)

(Join, too, if you can...even for a little's great therapy, to sing your troubles away! Smile....xo.)