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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Dawn M. Nevills Store

The Dawn M. Nevills Store

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Intermezzo Dewings - A Sonata in Spring.

Oh, the steady pulse of spring, within the bright blessed orchestration of Season's Sound!
Birds, that chirp and warble, wakeful with the gleaming dew;
Bees and cicadas, measured drone and drill to warn and sound the methodical beating of each noted Pause;
Drawing deep from each, its pleasant sap and savour;
Rustle and round, the mild, playful whir of an errant, circling wind, flitting and flowing amongst the petals,
So that even the rollicking roll of a burgeoning, fuzzled caterpillar, is stilled by a waving, watchful Twig.

Oh, Tree and Twitter, hum and hasten....altogether! Drawing back its probing, curious Finger bod,
The Snail sighs, and waits, its glistening trail of wet and wonder, strange paving for a drying breeze, and,
Frond-like, the hula grass whispers and opens for its starring