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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After

As a shocked U.S. - and a concerned world - reviews its response and electoral duty to maintain  what is supposed to be the best and most possible about recovery, aspiration, and The American Dream, the fondness with which yesteryear is recalled - that feeling of stability and warmth and progress that comes from the best of the traditional - do not include, in 2016, being a Stepford Wife, a doorstop, or that nice lady on the front of the syrup, as an excuse or replacement for being robbed, maimed, tormented, and financially abused. The little old ladies bankrupted by the AGF scandal will not sign to make the transition easy, despite being bullied......again.

The real concern now will be the world's response to the regression of progress.  And it will come, along with a disturbing cultural divide and a widening, saddened gap between the extremes of political viewpoints, unfortunately - just as we had begun to build bridges of understanding.

Let us hope that that does not extend to debate, at a time when the seeking of knowledge to avoid repeated mistakes will be more valuable then ever, from an inexperienced, arrogant, and bewildered non-statesman.

And women, one hopes, will not begin to view themselves as complete once their child-bearing responsibilites have come to an end....and their life as an adult, in an adult world, begins - no matter who insists on keeping us there for their own convenience and ineptness.