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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ho Hums

Ye me le.
The birds cavorting remind me that Sergio still hums of the circuit Universe with a smile.
Blinking Winking, meanwhile,
Tinkers with the eyes we need to
See More.
The spreading current draws in, breathes out, shimmy shake and
Linear circular expanse, at once, all electric fuzz crochet breaths.
We are black wired and
Come, Sound.


Earth shakes itself awake again.
The yaw maw wah of bird cries reeling across the dimpled grasses waving
Lose themselves with the latest rain, melting into drops and drops and drops.
The birds droop, waving dripping feathers and swooping lazily into trench top feeders;
Prize fighters knocking about, before the fight for worms begins.

The year, I feel differently towards them.

My egg shell - built so assiduously amidst the dark and uncertain - has cracked.

I feel the fluid movement of myself as the membrane melts and,
My quiet self
Blinking and trembling.