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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carbon and Light, Emitted

The sinking azure shadow, blinking fast its sleepy self into mist horizon -
Colour only, all 'round, though filling all, it seems, above -
Welcomes the yawning blink of streaming streak, life and light, suggesting...but...
Oh, wait, darkness, I cannot see!
Will I, better, do you think, with morning, and thee?
I tremble, this slight chill of earth in me, still, yearning,
And then.....
Dust settles, as it should,
Around this light, and past, towards the collected bits of self, amassed - yet only part;
Onwards - the flecks almost as sparkling fireflies, glinting in beam's tendrils,
Parachuting back to themselves,
Renewed in sleep
For when
Light calls
A leaping, then, somewhere, deep within the dusty breast;
Surge of Light, met, perhaps, or
That flash which moves behind the "trons" of light and dark,
and sees only

D. Nevills, April 25, 2009

Of Dew, and Such Gentle Oddities..

What shall I say to you, in this grey light, as these light fingers draw back the comfort
To show me your face, musing?
Only dawn...
...and morning, with birds singing.
Will it matter, do you think, on this day, or any other, now that we have touched, so?
Touched, and not touched; spoken, and not spoken; shared tears, and wept alone;
Realized, and known, and thought;
Shared, and smiled, and, then silenced, realized a certain
Depth, carefully preserved:
Unshared, and undisturbed, though
Pulsing and Alive.
A certain terror, then, recognizing
Premature Burial of
Self, in this
Struggling against

What throat, then, through starlight, might make a comet burst, a dark ink sky tremble,
A moon glow sweet, in its place of purpose
In the great void of movement, that was me
And is no more?
And yet, unseen...

This, then, Belief, my darling.
Ah, sweet sight, helped.
The space is nothing, and everything, now there is You;
only tomorrow's Road to
Speaking. at last.