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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Grown up Love

"Say and sway."
There is an intensity to your face, when you are standing, just so,
Amidst the "whiff of spliff", and slight headiness I always feel,
When I look into your eyes, that reminds me of The Quiet.

The Quiet is all moments, to me, when I feel a measured, and measurable, part of the Infinite, and You.
I think to describe them, and cannot, being bereft;
Seasonally, slaked and sensuous, when summer's keeping has hummed me past
your soft stroking hands, searching lips, and infinite rhythm of Life;
I feel a part of the other part that you yearn for, so desperately,
and search for, in me, with purpose, and repetition,
Joining carbon to carbon, and hip to hip, clockwork round,
Grey and grim cannot touch this moment, nor time erase its renewed memories
of unending Youth, chafed and chafing at the impossibility of
Hot and Sweat, Effort and Earned, hula hooped and humming.
Even a pen, intruding upon impossible shimmying, cannot break the
Prescription of Remembrance, food and fondness,
Feeding grapes, flower tucking behind ear, licked noses, and
Two Bite cheese between two mouths, splitting, that was
Our Young Desire, laughing.
You kissed my eyes, naming some immeasurable, mysterious colour,
You said;
I laughed, running the vacuum in my mind, ever practical, smoothly
Whispering "Hazel", as you ran your hands curiously around my
Roundness, smiling chocolate and icing.
"Anti Retro" I warned, eyes narrowing, and you laughed, low and ragged, dragging your mouthless desires across my forehead, as a
Darwinian imprint, ever the explorer, and only dropping
to suck gently on the protruding bit of lip that was worry in me, to whisper,
"Love Me, Sweet", with promise of Years, and Time to
Perfect our own Art, between
Brushes, blending.