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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wet Back and almost fell off the Fruit Truck again Hair Girl

Oh a Big Strong Man thinks
He loves a Fruit Truck hair girl;
A Fruit Truck hair girl, a Fruit Truck hair girl:
I said a Big Strong Man thinks he loves a Fruit Truck hair girl,
And he's tellin' all the World.



Oh, sky eyes.
If only you saw more.

Perhaps you should close for a while.

I could show you stars inside
To make your heart beat
Wilder than
Any lion.

You might
Real words, then.
Sing songs loudly, fiercely, defiantly.

Love gladly, wildly, honestly, truly.

Finding yourself,
You would be changed.

Burned but healed.
Bereft, but lifted.
Robbed, but renewed.
Tormented, but tended.

I think you will ever only notice surface waves,

I will hum, close my eyes, and feel
I will see more, still.