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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pillow wok

If, in this pale liquid sunlight finger, I draw your smile as it is now,
Murmuring softly against my ear, amidst this pillow,
Then there shall be a burst of warmth
Forever embroider-emblazoned on these white plains of
And even when my eyes close - be it death or pause (for little death is not so,
And in play and patter all bears thinking and doing, to say we did)-
The beacon of your eyes will blink and wink and
Crinkle wrinkle
Against my chilled

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jar Saids

Steak,sangria,sanguine and sultry somnambulance, soothing and song filled - sashay in summer, seeking;

All these appetites, controlled like a chilled cellar,
Shielding my sleepy need from the soul-destroy stripes of
Seasonal disorder, stifling and cloth-choked, stuffed brutally, finally, punishingly on to
Shelves filled with stolen thought, quick kiss, and quiet sigh, preserved.
I see my eyes peering out of the caged and caught glimpses there, unpainted.

You are spring, and speak, and sap, this late summer,
Rising through roots clinging deep and early to the sleep of
Neglected now,
Breathing surely, strangely, softly,
Towards the honey hum of

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer of Surprises

Summer is uncharacteristically seasonally mixed this year;
As if the earth has suddenly decided, perhaps, that it likes all seasons,
(Except for the sleep of winter), and, so, gives us a taste of each, in the space of
Several weeks:
The jalapeno of summer makes us sweat, in the best of ways, beneath the
smell of coconut oil and the beach towels we only see several times a year;
The crunch of homemade bread (breathed in like freshly shampooed hair, undried
And flung about, stinging one's cheeks in wild abandon) complete with the
Tang of butter, melting and gleaming on lips, fed with searching palms;
And the sudden crunch of green apple, jesting of spring, although the green is more held in this round orb, remembered, with its spurting juice upon a lover's nose (wicked granny, not so old after all), than in the dew-dropped leaves surrounding of
A few weeks back,
Made more surprising, by the painting of Brie, coating our tongues with honey warmth,
Ices its sudden, slick, summit.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Beings

If this existence, in which we are orbs of a larger part,
Shells of the one shell,
Dust collected, into bins of we's,
Amassed carvings of longings for Happy Play by the
Great Being, Breathed Into; gentle empowered Marionnettes of Living,
Then it is enough that we recognized each other,
Children in Paradise,
Until Now.
Now is the leaf, unfurled;
Now is the Nectar and newness,
The Fulsome Fruit, and Juice of Being,
And More-Than-Seed, spilling Joy
Into the
Corporeal Expression of
More Now.
It is Here-we-are,
Gently set into a Garden,
To Grow as
We will.

Lip Liner Flight 99

There are small lines about your lips.
I think that each line tells a story of all the stories, concerning skin, and art,
And Love,
And with every imprint of Time upon us,
Be it Sorrow or Joy,
Meaning is impressed on the shell of us,
Like a gentle Sculptor's Model,
Developing nightly.
I like to trace them, softly, in the darkness, those small lines,
Imagining the words, (coaxed from you with low rumbles and beard in neck growling)and watch the breath that comes with their Awakening,
Which seems, like Magic, to Rush to Touch,
You call it "Fight Against Resuscitation", but I notice, cheekily,
Your lack of struggle.
You always said you loved empowering things you
Am I just a Hand, then, after all, shifting in this Shape with You?
Come! Sway with me, this little while, Sweet, and I will show you the way
Hands Speak with
Silent Sigh.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black is Beautiful

I thought of a bloke from Cross Harbour, whose "sentence", it seems, wasn't glee;
His main fault? A knowledge of barbers, and living that idea of "Free".
With shares and his bust, I confess great more trust,
Cause he said , "You can break me, not bow me."