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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Small buoyed Life Us Secret!

We shall be excited at eyes.
When we see them, blinking back in orb-starved nakedness,
We will know that they are cradled in a blending of our wetness,
You and I,
Like cradled fluid, delicately sheltering, though outside myself.
Perhap it is more shared, that I have allowed outsideness, in this,
Splitting the myhalf beingness, so you can buyoant-balance, too;
I am not selfish about these things, after all, though it is me that has the
Appropriate being shell, technically.
It is a mindlove, then, which allows this beyond ourselves; a meld of self, truly:
Just joy.
We have not made the dust part, but sweep up the particles to our hearts, dearest,
Most intimately; most joyfully; most privately - most openly.
See the blinking!It is somehow happier, now,
Like stars streaking through sky, suddenly, touched into Being
by Michaelangelo's Maker,
At last.
Kiss me, quick! You need my breath; I need your Desire of Ages.