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Friday, May 1, 2009

Sleep Star Frontier

Amidst this strange sea, walk-swimming and focused,
This life amongst jungle concrete
Sidewalk cemented possibles,
And smiles that were, before the "saw scream",
A haunting persists:
Strangling my breathing,
Man mix grey encased almost-forgot-chirp seems a small noise, remembered;
And then...
See oh see, the small sound sprouting! What doing is this, of you?
In such a wind as this, the spring of which, eyes drooping,
Tiredly keeps the beating
Steady - lest the line not jump and dance
Upon the screen, as you would have it -
I can break even this stone
That was my
Only speak!
I shall give you words to fly across the page,
Look up, and
Smile again, at space, Opening.