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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thought for the DAY

Today's reading: Micah 4.1-5.1    ...from the OLD TESTAMENT.

Remembrance Day 2012

It is a forlorn crop, in the morning mist,
Each shadowed upright fulsome rose a testament to its Maker,
Though taken from the marrow of another, stalwart standing:
And 'neath the wayward boughs, there seems a low and shaking moan
For all those moans who have no mouths,
The sounds - even in silence - a solemn shriek of Nothing.

They are known, still; known in beds, now cold, where once lovers knit
Old Wounds, and Young Hearts;
Known, where terror and streak of incendiary Light mocked the Quieter glow
Of Morning's Light,
And laughter held sway on a blanket on a far off creekbank:
Happy play; hands clasped, and sighing.

They are faces, those risen sticks, whose bodies long ago have joined the Dust
from whence they came;
Faces, still, anguished and surprised by Death, in a sudden, terrible
Glut of Anger,
Unleashed upon a confused and saddened World.
The faces came, and stood, and spoke not so oft with mouths,
But with steps, and waves, and sweeps upon the fields of
Nevermores, where many a heart lay dying, in hope, holding awkward Tools
Of "Stop" and "Live".

We, here now, standing amidst the small wood sticks -  two-fingered
Testaments to a Belief that all, still, could Change,
If they were wont;
Brave beneath the shaking hands, fiercer than they thought themselves,
When first the call came, to be Fierce,
Will think of them,
Hoping only that, in doing,
Roses might not Wither, but
Grow Again, amongst the Crosses,
as the faces had dearly
Wished, as they lay
Dying, to
Live Again.