NASA Image of the Day

Sunday, March 14, 2010


What are these stars, rocks of glint and glimmer, stolen from your memory of love,
Whirling in the distance;
Flint and flight, of substance, and shimmer, and shaking;
Like touch upon touch, when Michaelangelo was touched so, and awakened, Blinking;
Brightness and born, alive to self
and met,
Awash in notes of then, and this, and though;
Sweet sweat, and sway, of Float and Feather,
Arising and arisen
Within and Without gaze,
Forgotten and Begotten, and Made
Real, from this small finger print in the Earth,
Pressed for a moment, with a sigh, by a kind Hand,
Remembering substance, and, softly stroking the
Silence of it,
Quietly speaking Earth again
Into herself's eyes,
Gently gazing back at him,
Softness borne of
Such Great Art,
For his