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Sunday, August 18, 2019


Bereft of this tactile and tacit touching
There is only swirling.
And oh, clouds......see the furor and unfurled, whirling,
the flashing eyes and tears and wails
Failed, and failed and failed......

Where is Peace? Where is my Joy? Where is my Heart, reaching and reached, even now?
Where is the Calm amidst the Tumult?

Surely, the voice that calmed the Seas
Still Lives
And all that Death would bring
Amidst the Toil and Trudging,
Defiantly Lives,

That man moves to the Stars
And cannot allow
Is a tragedy we have
Ousted and
Redundant and

The Caress that is of then and Now
that brushes tears gently
Rough squeezes Arm and
Misunderstood Silence
Notwithstanding, Bereft of Bridge,

Still Sing.


And in the ebb and flow of moments, then and now,
There is kindness, remembered.
The stormed sky bursts lightning white and scorched,
Emitting yester-love, renewed and promising,
And all the rain that follows - the sweat and tears of years, trailing, comet-like -
The sighs of spring.

My love, I can but know of thy breath upon my throat, seeking,
All the sigh of Heaven's Air that blows across my skin in longing,
Feeling its being, moving with its moving, my hands stretching across the sky,
Alive - flexed pulse of digit dial and flourish scroll revealed,
Oh, rumble mumble of my Desire.

Thou art my Seeking.
Pour down upon my breasts thy Light and Dark, thy wet and Fire,
Thy Adoration and thy Completion,
Till I am Moan Made and Thine Only,
Lasting and Last,
Bested and Best,