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Monday, June 1, 2009

P Funk

I recall, and am recalled:
Seconds in a crisp fog of breath, where the lip clung to mine in the blank
Of iced air, warmed and chilled within that same breath;
Press of finger on burned arm, browned by sun, and wind, and earth, pained white;
A fleeting smile, beneath the swirl of wool, before the cool of autumn teared
the blurred vision of fleet and flight of feet, met;
Choked in smoke and smirk of clubs and clubbed, vilified and verified,
Having supported and, crutch-like, become a wooden stick wielded not for
Higher Mountains travels, but welded men, and wilder egos;
Bid farewell in strange heat of regret and recognition, inconvenient, and
Misunderstood, within the larger scheme of patience, and the Importance of Being Earned, in Earnest;
Saddened, trilling New Age Grace's Amazing Solidity, amongst the Remembering,
Organ accompanied, stopped by imaginary lumps, and invisible throat lumps,
Inexcusable in the Controlled, and
Unimportant, even as I counted the steps the bearers were supposed to take,
As it appeared on Paper.
One cannot ride that
How dry the comfort.How smug the Pointed. How
Sharp the Edge.