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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Homemade Halloween...continued

Recycle Man...Version 2

This recycle man wears armour comprised entirely of plastic, water, pop, and juice bottles cut into half, and stapled together via the flat, open sides, side by side.

On each side, you can use a newspaper punch to attach heavy ribbons or rope, to tie the armour on like a big huge goalie pad.

Add a "recycle pop top", which you can either make out of pop bottles, or make a huge cardboard flip lid bottle top from a cereal box, and paint it...poof!

You're RECYCLE MAN....Version 2:"Captain Plastastic."

Have fun.....and be creative! (You might look a little like bubble wrap...don't be alarmed....just in time for Christmas "mailings"....har, har, har...grin.)

Madame George. xo