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Monday, September 26, 2011

Almost Apostolic

Betwixt light and shadow, glimmer and darkling plain,
Amidst orb, and shape, and glow,
Therein, the movement is within and without,
And all the sudden shudder that is "know" and "now"
Reminds us of everything, and nothing,
Shifting endlessly.
Quick! The flicker of "aye" is Evermore,
Joined, and joining,
Continuing, and Continuance;
flicker, and flame, and
We are Ourselves, Together;
Dust, Filled with
Momentary Kindness of
Shared Breath,
Sculpting....supported, Supporting,
Melded and Welded, like
Shielded Versions of Each Other,
Oh! If only the Angels know how fierce my prayers are...
then I should be at Peace,
Even though your gaze is
Bewildered, and I shall calm your trembling lips with
Trembling, invisible/visible
Precursor to the Cursory profanity of my