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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jar Saids

Steak,sangria,sanguine and sultry somnambulance, soothing and song filled - sashay in summer, seeking;

All these appetites, controlled like a chilled cellar,
Shielding my sleepy need from the soul-destroy stripes of
Seasonal disorder, stifling and cloth-choked, stuffed brutally, finally, punishingly on to
Shelves filled with stolen thought, quick kiss, and quiet sigh, preserved.
I see my eyes peering out of the caged and caught glimpses there, unpainted.

You are spring, and speak, and sap, this late summer,
Rising through roots clinging deep and early to the sleep of
Neglected now,
Breathing surely, strangely, softly,
Towards the honey hum of