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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Best Songs Of 1971

Leo's Paintings

I remember one morning in my life with the clarity of exquisitely felt breath,
In a way that remembers it, second by second, moving in and filling my lungs,
And I, in tune with, awash in wilderness syncopation, alight with stinging frost,
Pierced to the soul,
Understanding loss, and life, Other and Self.

I shall hold it to me, groaning, this second, knowing its woman's being,
Rolling in its depth, almost dead:
Renewed, all at once, in a rebirth of carbon
Breathed into as of old,
Askance at my new knowledge of bonding,
Seeing shell with
Brilliant, born eyes,
touching it, and touch

Else's wave in and among all of earth's breathed Wordsworthian Current
I shall tremble,