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Monday, June 17, 2013

Myself's Self

I desire to move beyond surface.

I wish to surf the turbulent rage of forget, stuffed punishingly into the safe of self denial, where it beats against the iron walls, sobbing of

Its demise.

I move, fearlessly, lifting the perfection mask of invulnerable, to find, there, desire, and need, and appetite, intertwined in a silent twist of Life's Treasured,

held close and fiercely against a Heart from which it is torn, mocked.

I seek to disturb, in the doing, awakening life and age in a perpetual vacuum of Success, jolted by Love, and I am

Joined, finally, by a throb alien to me, that is my


It strokes me, speaking my name, in a voice known to Stars, and Stares, having washed itself clean of

Perceived Invulnerability, and says, softly, that

it loves me.

I feel it does, and embrace it, discovering a man finite and spirit, intermingled, moaning of torn moments and shredded possibles.

He knows me, and is afraid, despite the

Ragged Kiss, having waited for


Dawn M. Nevills, June 17, 2013.