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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tulip bulbs and Fall Preserves

I feel the chill as the wind whistles about in the evening, sweeping leaves
Away absently. It is a time for Before Winter
Repairs, patched warmth, and preserving all the
Gratefulness of work and Harvest.

In those reminder moments, as I gather my satchels about me,
I imagine the myriad bulbs in them bursting forth in spring for you -
A thousand colours of the rainbow, Rembrandt splashed, and brilliant;
Myriad-hued sighs
lighting up your eyes, at my wildly scattered paintbrush smiles,
As they twinkle, with the sunshine in mine.
Spring, and my heart, will light
again the Green and Newness of Heart and Hands after
Winter's Sleep, and the glow and Noel mind of Rest and Giving.

It is an apart collection, this, in thought; traveling gently across time and space
In kind comfort, its continued Quest still in the striving to try, and in the
Quiet, Considered, Humbled, Hope
for Better, in
The Best of
The Heart's Knights.