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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hockey Pome

Mine's a workaday thought, bound by matter.
When I close my eyes, I see it rise above the various pros and trons, electras and newts,
Winged, like all those
Higher Beings
I see pictures of, when I have a moment away from
Tidying Up.

All this order, and disorder....tidy, tidy tidy.
The rain broom sweeps the dust particles and glinted motes in the sunlight,
A reminder of the wondrous Moments, breathed into
When the matter took shape,
And Mattered.

Maybe the bees are confused, lately;
Gentle, cheery, ardent, focused:
A lot of things die when their example isn't followed.....
Joy, surprises, thoughtfulness, humour, steely possibles....Hope.....
All waiting.
It's different from constantly being

D. Nevills