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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Queen of Butterscotch Cottage

Besides the bit of Beatrix, that still is here in me,
And the Almighty, Hand conducting all progress, therein,
My still respite, when day is done, is Butterscotch Cottage.

In summer, poured out upon the porch, like sweet smooth taffy mixed with summer sunshine,
Is the painted caramel from which it gets its name,
and, too, where a feeling lingers, of happy times, and Christmas chimes,
And Friendships, old and new.

It is my home, snug and warm, within whose bright pallette
Quiet memory, quiet laughter, thoughtful sorrow, and
constant striving
Have occurred.

In autumn, when the palm fronds at the porch posts wave amidst the drifting mist of rain
I could almost be at Ihilani, or somewhere far away - some exotic, thrilling place, perhaps -
far, far from
Farmers' fields, and workday journeys.

But oh! To come into view!...a sight for long hard days of work,
Beckoning like a childhood beacon;
Warmth, and comfort, and rest, amongst its splashes of
Floral and green.

And there, awaits a man, whose pride in my shy artists' hands
Last night, surveying finished toffee,
Proclaimed me His Queen,
Though rainbow searchlights, at stairway's foot,

That still, a slightly tousled-looking,
Bespectacled, and smiling,
Washing Maker, I Bee.

Dawn M. Nevills
Sept. 13, 2008