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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Palm Frond Rain Embrace

A strange summer cool, this morning, dark and grey, like the shadow behind my eyes,
Sketch a strange dream, swaying and dripping, soft and wet beneath the eaves:
A gruff ruff visage; voice of low heat, with warm and dry hands, searching and trailing,
Light a fire long ago scattered to the stars, and cooled by distance and fitful sleep,
Abandoned moans in a darkling sky,
Sweet and sharp points in the night, glowing gaze of brightnesses disturb my wheeling quiet
And weave spun-shot words in tiny nets about my head, whirling whispers across the vast expanse of time,
In a trembling, silent, sigh.

A heat and heart abandon stately dour and dry grief, suddenly,
Grasping in their urgency defiance of Death and Age, lit and burning.
....and I, too, whirling of a sudden, amongst all the flowers and fields of my youth and hope, freed,
Breathe, trembling and touched by
A fierce defiance of
Counted years apart, and parting, ragged whispers decrying both,
Against my quiet and quickened lips.

.....And all the trickle tremble of breeze loosed droplets, urge the fronds and leaves,
Asway with the patterned melody of the sky's samba,
To dance, and love,