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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Old Years Every Year

Grey sky replete with hazed stars, gleaming as they peek with brightened sight amidst night's ink,
The old year wanes, leaning upon sharp moments threatening, sabre-like, hope's heart:
Imagined edges felt, and seen, and known.

Screen-like, they whiz across our wizened views, behind eyelids made to sting with "now!",
The everyday shock of today's world, screaming progress, yet whispering "regress, relent...release!"

We know ourselves daily, and yet, feel more distant from the human parts, as seconds tick by...
Immersed in a flood a half world away, reaching towards flickering images of hunger
Which might know our flung rice, our flung prayers....our muttered curses at
Power greater, that has no
Time! we say. Time.
....marching on, its relentless beats mark the passage
Upon us, within us, around us,

We wave to no one, and everyone,

Friday, December 25, 2015


Ever had to contend with THIS????


Whatever the year has been like, here is hoping your day is blessed, your life is cherished, and all that you love from the past, present and future - and all that is a little trickier, but makes you more able to withstand all that is NOT so easy to muster or overcome - makes the day its usual, wonderful, NEWS of GREAT JOY! LOL.

God Bless, every one....