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Friday, March 6, 2015

For Raif and wife, and beloved Family. "Amnesty - Let there be Love".

May you all visit Disney together, holding hands, soon.

........and may the Envy that does not know your ardent love for each other, and its youthful exuberance - nor understand or respect it -  cease to make judgements about its exclusion of them within the moments, and years, and blessings, of its JOY. ....and may the joy of that understanding, knowledge - and forgiveness of the ignorance of the envy that would take it from you both, even now - sustain you.

God Bless.

Your Friend,

Ms. Dawn M. Nevills....

....(with a genuine prayer of Friendship for sanity, gentle silence in places of contemplation and thoughtfulness, and the courage to face Power and Control for its own sake with strength, vigour, courage, certitude, and the reality of Real Friendship, which, smiling, mysteriously crosses borders, religions, laws................and mourns too, the theft and loss of time spent with those we love.

Miigwetch. ....and Godspeed. I feel certain, in my heart, that the suddenness of shame will remember childhood laughter, being caught up in loving arms, and the gentle enclosure that is Family - and know when to step back, and be silent.