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Saturday, August 17, 2013


When shaded gaze meets quiet fire there is a strange water; Moving, rippling, slowing working its lap ebb upon rock, The etch and mold of neverceasing blends the elements, both without and within, Transmuting and transcending both selves, and Mixing the mutation and meld into Syncopation. I cannot tell which is stronger, or more feminine, or more masculine; I can only see them clinging to each other, Sighing as they dissipate... Finally, sought, seeking, and Found, they exchange composites and composure. Oh, the water murmur! 'Midst the silences, ragged whisper and trickle Seek time, time....only time! And all the mouthed words, lost in the softness of Now Seem Enough, and Enough, and Please, amidst the wild and trailing fronds and fragile petals of Ardent humility, opening, at last, and Alive. Within the Bridge Across Forever they form, entwined, A particle, reaching and moving beyond the permeating ache of Sky, Realized. Against the other's lips, they simply join and join and join Endlessly, attempting Speech, knowing there is only the same word: Love.

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