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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Thoughts on "showing up"

1. Today I got inspired by a co-worker who still showed up for work at 4:30 am to get that breakfast buffet out to a huge influx of unexpected guests at a modest little airport hotel, after a hydro outage redirected them, despite obviously feeling horrible themselves. You could have decided to not care....but you made another choice. Unfortunately, your arms were too full,  and you were rushing so much, that you did not have time to stop and cough into your arm. Unfortunately.....the person who didn't want to be there in the first place, was upset at something entirely not your fault, and was tired and out of sorts themselves during an unavoidable situation, saw you coughing, and didn't appreciate how hard you were trying to deal with an expected crisis situation while feeling terrible yourself. As a result, you were their vent - even though you didn't get one yourself. Remember my arm; pretend it's yours next time you stop for a second, catch your breath, and lean on it long enough to maybe curse a little between clearing your lungs and coughing into it. Smile. Make sure you step away from everyone vying for your attention when you do so. YOU are worth that me. And we have strong arms for each other, in this work force. 

2. Way to clear that line of people redirected to you at the last minute, and finding somewhere else for that person who arrived late with no notice, wonderful front desk person, when you had to give in to the pressure of pressing people at that front desk, and fill that room with another tired head.

You just get more human every day, don't you? Thanks for knowing we are right there with you.

Sometimes you have to take a moment and make sure balance, and caring, and comaraderie help keep all of our chins up during difficult times. God Bless.

......and thanks for inspiring me today!