NASA Image of the Day

Tuesday, October 6, 2020


 Please: the greatest gift you can give to those you hope to assist, represent, care for, listen to, understand,

debate with, support, comfort and to make sure you are here to do so. 

1. When in close quarters, or when arms' length - and more - is simply not possible...WEAR A MASK.

These are not "just like always" days. This virus WANTS you to die...that is its purpose, goal and agenda.

2. STEP BACK, NOT FORWARD. This is against the normal grain, comaraderie, earnestness, and tradition of the average North American, and is a very difficult shift in behaviour. Lives depend upon you learning to express affection, concern, bewilderment and support in other ways: try a little humour when you try these new means of expression. The bow, the wink, the invisible fist punch, the Airforce thumb, and the two-handed heart - as well as the gentle pat against your own heart - can convey, with practice, the feelings we wish we could express in the same old ways as we always have. The step back will be a step back into cautiousness, and your own, and others', protection. Let's all learn a new dance step - followed by a smile, or a thumbs up, or any of the above. You could even add a little two-step, just for a humourous "step ahead" of a virus intent on killing you. 

3. Lead with genuineness, but in the knowledge that no one is invulnerable, and your presence is NEEDED, in the fight. You deserve your own concern - and so do others. This restraint is all about LIFE, not a contest between HE - MEN. No one wins if you are dead.  PLEASE....STAY AND HELP!