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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heated Rock of Cornerstone Being

Languid, this love; slow and curling, like water 'round rock,

Ebbing and flowing, 'til less, and more of themselves, and each other.

What trail, then? Is this a rock, trailing oblong soft, amidst pungent smell of heated flower skin? - yet not cold, impenetrable, marker of Time passed;

Surely, not death - though it says it recalls itself , from somewhere within, shrugging in

Surprise, at rock innard wall, and fear of Fire:

Beyond and amidst abyss of memories of when it was Being, this cold hand, awakening.

Surely, not self-seeking - seeing only eyes that spark and speak, amidst the ice of "ago"...

In spite of itself, turning towards grey ago, and comfortable speakingless, frozen sameness of

Recalled Was, and Forgotten Could - but....then...Here!

Here is Incessant Shooting Fire of Sudden,

Burning, without Death, and shivering, without Fear, Shaking with Now, Lit. Ah, the Awake!

....and sudden seeking...Ah! Where, the hill? Where the dale? What the moment? Where the frail?

Strength to strength, and striving met, a well and want, moving in the net -

No act, This;

Yet moving, Presence to be present, being, Again;

Shielded, thus, by its Self Other

Mirror, which, flexing

Sparks, is just

Visible Enough

to Lead on into Tomorrow,


"Go!" Here! Oh....Now!

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