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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A and B...(and C, and D..etc..xo)

Ah, first flush, when skin seemed but a thing to be explored
A journey that never ends, as it changes, with time;
To see the ebb and flow of life within its shelter in thee
Brought a different reason to be me, perhaps, they said:
And then, time; time with different views, time with different news:
Of Power, and Others' Pain, and Shared Love of Possible - Time, and New "Us" es,
Beyond What We Have Become, to What we Can Do.
Such Realization!
The Humility a little shocking, even with the Power, but they turned, and there were
The Each's Other's Eyes, Sharing, and it was ....."Of course, Still to Do...Right?" And the nod.
And the knowingness of admiring the skill of the other - even when no one else did;
Even in the small successes, beyond the Obvious Ones: there, and there, and...there.
What Joy!
Finally, then, like a Garden Blooming with Love Flung Far and Wide
A Celebration of the Formality of It, Uniquely. Oh, Hurry, Day! More Smiles.

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