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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Imagining "Let there Be"...and we, too imagine Lights and Love.

Incandescent rumble, rhythm of life, shaking, shaking, shaking
Yet in the foundations of self, knowing the moment
Perception Thought
that is Being, and
Fearing Not.
How so? whene'er air, within, without, in large space clearing forth
Clouded cloud, shaking moves anew
Being, renewing

Oh the cloudless, blameless Sky,
We see such a huge canvas, and
Marvel at the
Greatest Artist,
Moving Heav'n and Atom
in such a mold
Beyond Hands,
Thought of.
We can only think of carboned made, but know, still. It is Enough....for now. 
Breath has moved it,
Gently reminding - not awkward facsimiles of enormous effort.

See! and See! and See!
Only Imagined.....
This is Joy.
Oh, mind mine! What manner of evil shall take it from Me,
Says I.....says I's own, too, and then, to wound Us further,
promising nothing but
Envy at
Ah, no matter....they matter, and it is enough.
Again....sing into now, again.

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