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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Coronation Day!

Congratulations to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with an astounding - and ongoing! - record of service to others, who celebrates the anniversary of her Coronation Day, today. 

With the spirit of that very fine example in heart and mind, I hope you did something for someone else today that changed their world for the better - even in a small way.

Perhaps you brightened their world by making your neighbourhood prettier; perhaps it was "Good Morning" on a tired walk to work; whatever small gesture or kindness, celebrate the secret that is the sacred between Crown and Cared for: trying to do good, when it appears it doesn't seem to does, to someone, still.

......and if you did nothing today - there's always tomorrow! You just never know how the smallest thing might make a difference that stays with a person for their whole lives.....or even one small, wonderful moment. They all matter.

God Bless and Happy Day!


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