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Monday, April 20, 2009

Allergy DEMI Glace.

"menumenumenu"....she purred. or coughed. It was a hairball moment, unplanned.

Someone had accidentally dropped a pretzel in the Black and White Coconut martini she had ordered. She had been just about to compliment him on how cleverly he had matched the soiree t-shirt underneath the rather daring choice of jackets.

.....ah, the romance of certain well planned pauses!

...and yet, this one was slightly.....awkward, somehow, what with the spittle flying about, and her tried but true lipshade suddenly clamping down on the edge of the glass, in mid sneeze, appearing more like a half moon bumprint, than any lip known to man. In fact, it happened so suddenly, and with such passion, that she actually bit off a large taco like bit from the glass edge, but, luckily, thought enough NOT to chew, which is really what saved her in the end......

What with the now-bleeding lip, and the slight smear of accoutrement paint now in a loving, but vital solid streak, mid cheek, wending its way across her face, it had metamorphosized into a kind of Zombie space moment, and he was slightly at a loss, as to how to respond, immediately, but sensitively, as was his wont.

He paused, gently, clearing his throat.

"Wow! They really kinda chintzed on the h'ordeuvres, babes, didn't they? gonna be okay, or what?" He paused, thinking perhaps he hadn't been helpful enough, as he watched her carefully spitting out glass, which she had inadvertently almost consumed involuntarily.

"Waiter!" he shouted, thinking she would be impressed - rather than mortified, literally - at his sudden need to call all available help to their table.

"Bring towels and a first aid kit! She's bleeding!" Then, on a softer note....."It's okay; we're just really's great!"

He knew then, that the night could not possibly end badly. HE had taken steps.

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